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Every nine minutes someone in the world dies from rabies. This is the sad reality of the situation even today. Every year, rabies kills nearly 59,000 people, mostly children in developing countries. Around 99% of human cases are caused by the bite of a rabies-infected dog. Yet the disease could be eliminated. Indeed, unlike many other diseases, we already have all the tools needed to eradicate it. Each new victim is therefore one too many.
What is rabies?
Nearly 59,000 deaths per year worldwide
2/3 of the countries in the world are still affected
Around 99% of human cases of rabies are due to dog bites
Nearly 100% of human rabies cases are preventable
Eradicate canine rabies so that no more human cases occur
Vaccinate at least 70% of dogs
A cost nearly 10 times lower than that of human prophylaxis
International Organisations are mobilising
A shared FAO/OIE/WHO commitment
OIE Regional Vaccine Banks
The “Blueprint” for rabies prevention and control
Your turn to get involved
Take part in the World Rabies Day
Share information

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